People that I have meet on the

This the the Chat Site that I have meet some wonderful people. If you see any of these people, say hi to them from the Freaky Guy! If you do not have a WBS accout and want to try it, use my guest account. The handle is Freaky Guys Guest. After you chat there and like it, get your our account and join the fun!
My Aussie chattin' friend from the beginning of time til ?, teebee! A nice Hoosier lady that I am honored to call, FRIEND, Briagh. Another lovely Hoosier Betty G, whom has been a bit busy with her man. WAY TO GO! My special friend brwneydgirl from the State of Confusion, clubcat, the loving and caring Care269? from S. Cali, x1001,Saturn Girl '77 aka Meat Loaf 111 and rasingrrl from Wisconsin, Luv2Teez, Strawberry Jazz, sweet star48 from Indiana, wild and special ANGEL BRAT from Cali, sam939 and 421 from Alabama, astrogazer, masshole1978, CyberGAL2000 from everywhere including Chicago, BETTYB00P, Heather1978, sparkleyes, lilah32, purple, a29mom from California, tiger00, caspergirl, rugrats18, wildeheart, Casey Chute, Paresh, crazybourbonchick, aramia, femalefish, SWEETIEPIE111, Lousiana Southern Belle, scooby doo2, SEXYRX7, PEARL_, Cr@te, Pariahjf, Sweet6Potato9, DarkLupa aka Rica Poet, Sue Mayl from Michigan, carla51 and naughty nic. One of these days these few will get a homepage so you can see there beautiful faces: dawn131, Katk01, MissCori, MsButterfly76, Soft&Tasty, TeachABC, stress97, #1SUPERTRAMP, *maira*xox, and smile1310.

If I forget anyone or have old info, please forgive me and mail me the info so I may correct it.