97 to 2000 Problems
THE QUESTION: TechRepublic member P.creenan was trying to decide whether to purchase Access 2000 but was concerned because most of the applications they use support Access 97. P.creenan was interested in hearing of any repercussions from supporting Access 97 with Access 2000.
THE ANSWER: User Moorehead has had problems converting Access 97 files to Access 2000 when the files were modified with VBA. Moorehead added that while the code would appear to work fine within Access 97, Access 2000 would see the files as corrupt and would not convert or open them as Access 97 files.
Links go only so far between Access and Excel. If you create a link table in Microsoft Access 97 that links to a worksheet in an Excel 97 for Windows workbook, be careful. If you change a value or values in the link table using Access, open the workbook in Excel, AND if one or more formulas in the workbook refer to the changed values, you may get recalculation errors. Microsoft's work-around: Open the workbook in Excel and press Ctrl-Alt-F9. This will recalculate all the workbook's values. However, if you again make changes through Access, you'll need to go through the same ritual.


Microsoft has identified a problem you may experience with Access 2000. The problem occurs when Access 2000 improperly evaluates an If Then Else expression comparing a variable that is null. Microsoft's solution is to use IsNull() check on variables in the If Then Else expression. Rewrite the expression to include IsNull(), as in the following example from Microsoft.
The expression below will not evaluate properly if strName or txtName is Null. If strName = txtName then strName = '1' Else strName = '2' End if
Change the expression to: If strName = txtName and Not IsNull(strName) and Not IsNull(txtName) then strName = '1' Else strName = '2' End if

NUMLOCK PROBLEM IN ACCESS 2000. Having trouble keeping your NumLock key on while using Access 2000? Microsoft has acknowledged a problem with Access 2000 where the NumLock key keeps turning off. A well-known bug in all versions of Access causes SendKeys to switch off the NumLock key. Unfortunately, no solution is available at this time. Keep an eye on the Microsoft Support Web site for a future fix.




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