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What kind of vessel is the U.S.S. Lantree?
A. Constellation class starship
B. Class VI Federation supply ship
C. Galaxy class starship

Why did Riker accept the assignment of serving aboard a Klingon vessel in "A Matter of Honor"??
A. Worf challenged him to accept
B. Starfleet ordered it
C. No Starfleet officer had ever done it

In "The Measure of Man," what did Data do in order to keep from being assigned to Commander maddox, and being taken apart?
A. He resigned from Starfleet
B. he stole a shuttlecraft and went to Drema IV
C. He deactivated himself

Ensign Mendon, an exchange officer from Starbase 179, was of what race?
A. Uropian
B. Benzite
C. Zarogo

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Here are the answers to last weeks questions.

Why did Lt. Barclay never tell anyone about his fear of transporters?
A. He was embarrassed
B. It didn't manifest itself before
C. He felt his career would be over

At the time of K'Ehleyr's death, how many different planets were represented by crew members on the U.S.S. Enterprise?
A. 13
B. 26
C. 32

As learned in "Loud as a Whisper," before Mediator Rivas, there was no word for what in the Klingon vocabulary?
A. Peacemaker
B. Friend
C. Negotiation

Which of these is a measuring unit for a starship's structural integrity field?
A. Kilodyte
B. Kilodyne
C. Kilobyne

Look here for some past questions with answers.
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