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General Enterprise Worf Captain Picard Ccommander Riker Data Counselor Troi Dr. Beverly Crusher Wesley Crusher


Whose "old man" chased Nurse Stanton around a biobed in Sickbay? Miles O'Brien

Name the U.S.S. Enterpise sister ship, which exploded in the Neutral Zone, due to malfunctions, in "Contagion?" U.S.S. Yamato


From what computer terminal did J'Dan obtain information about the U.S.S. Enterprise's dilithium chamber? 12B9, Deck 36

In "Unnatural Selection," the U.S.S. Enterprise picked up a faint distress signal on what type of frequency? Subspace frequency

From what ship did the U.S.S. Enterprise receive a voice only distress call in "Unnatural Selection"? The U.S.S. Lantree


In "The Emissary," when Worf won the poker hand, Riker called him what? The ice man.
What is the human version of Worf's ailment in "Up the Long Ladder"? Chicken Pox

Captain Picard

Commander Riker

What would Commander Riker suggest be eaten to "keep warm on a cold Alaskan night?? Split pea soup


What object, belonging to Samuel Clemens, is found with Data's head at an excavation site? A pocket watch

What was the four digit code Dr. Soong gave Data to remove the memory block that brought Data to Soong's lab? 5155

After his chorus was killed, who translated for Riva? Data

Counselor Troi

In the opening of "Unnatural Selection," Captain Picard was asking Counselor Troi for her evaluation of whom? Dr. Pulaski

 In "The Measure of a Man," which of the following did NOT participate in the poker game in the beginning of the episode? Deanna Troi

Dr. Beverly Crusher

Wesley Crusher

What kind of experiment was Wesley Crusher running that caused his mother Bevery to disappear? Modifying Kosinski's warp field equations