Science Fiction / Fantasy
The complete Sci-Fi site is none other than the Sci-Fi Channels page. The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 is THE place for info on B5!

Fun Places
Try creating some mixed drinks maybe with some Tequila. See if you can do better than the Oracle of Bacon.
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North American Wolf Association(NAWA)

Cyber Things
How about sending your friend a Toon-O-Gram, a Virtual Present, or some Virtual Flowers to send you cyber-best? How about finding your cyber-date? If you have a dispute, use the Court of Last Resort! You can also send a Dilbert Digital Postcard to someone who needs a laugh. How about a Postcard from the Web?

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Useful Information
Go to Career Path for a search on jobs across the States. Yahoo Maps is great to find your way to your 'Net friends house. Check on the weather around the world or your own backyard with the Weather Channel. How about the US National Debt? Want to find a word? Look in One Look Dictionaries. From The Apartment Guide you can find a place to stay anywhere in the USA.
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HTML Tools, Goodies and the Likes
Ask Dr. Internet all those things that you always wanted to know about the Internet but were afraid to ask. A great way to revive after long hours of getting your homepage to look like you want with VIVARIN! Web Page Builder How to make build create author design publish write your own web pages learn HTML tutorial guide resources tool software program www construction kit. Try Tripod for a free homepage and interesting Web stuff.
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For IT Professionals
Inquiry for answers from IT Professionals. A great way to revive after long hours is VIVARIN!
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Personal Home Pages
Most of the homepages that I have viewed are listed here. The best way to get your Home Page out there and available for searches is by Submit It!.

Other Great/OK Sites
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Useless But Fun Information
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