Words Starting with

Incipient (in SIP ee unt) - beginning; emerging Example: Support for the plan was incipient, and the planners hoped it would soon grow and spread.

Incantation (in kan TAY shun) - a chant; the repetition of statements or phrases in a way reminiscent of a chant Example: The students quickly became deaf to the principal's incantations about the importance of school spirit.

Irrevocable (i REV uh kuh bul) Definition: irreversible Sentence: Shortly after his car began to plunge toward the sea, Tom decided not to drive off the cliff after all, but by that point his decision to do so was irrevocable

Incipient (in SIP ee unt) Definition: beginning; emerging Sentence: Support for the plan was incipient, and the planners hoped it would soon grow and spread.

Irascible (i RAS uh bul) Definition: easily angered or provoked; irritable Sentence: A grouch is irascible

Ironic (eye RAHN ik) Definition: meaning the opposite of what you seem to say; using words to mean something other than what they seem to mean Sentence: Eddie was being ironic when he said he loved peter like a brother.

Invective (in VEK tiv) Definition: insulting or abusive speech Sentence: Herman wasn't much of an orator, but he was brilliant at invective.

Incessant (in SES unt) Definition: unceasing Sentence: I will go deaf and lose my mind if you children don't stop your incessant bickering.

Inveterate (in VET ur it) - habitual; firm in habit; deeply rooted Example: Larry's practice of spitting into the fireplace became inveterate despite his wife's protestations.

Incisive (in SYE siv) - cutting right to the heart of the matter Example: Lloyd's essays were always incisive; he never wasted any words, and his reasoning was always sharp and persuasive.

Incense (in SENS) - to make very angry Example: My comment about his lovely painting of a tree incensed the artist, who said it was actually a portrait of his mother.

Incongruous (in KAHN groo us) - not harmonious; not consistent; not appropriate; not fitting in Example: The ultramodern kitchen seemed incongruous is the restored eighteenth-century farmhouse.

Intrinsic (in TRIN sik) - part of the essential nature of something; inherent Example: There was an intrinsic problem with Owen's alibi, it was a lie.

Irascible (i RAS uh bul) - easily angered or provoked; irritable Example: A grouch is irascible